The purpose of the SJCHE is to support

military families that have chosen to homeschool,

as well as promote home education

in the Goldsboro, North Carolina area. 

      We believe homeschooling is not just about where

one’s family lives; rather, homeschooling is seen

as a pursuit to give a higher education to one’s children.

Our group flourishes on families who have a belief

that homeschooling creates better adults,

tends to children’s needs far more reaching

than other educational options, believes

and desires it to create stronger family bonds,

and gives their children a stronger sense of oneself. 

     We want to create an atmosphere where

each member can relax and openly talk about

the blessings, joys, and challenges of homeschooling.

Without having to answer questions or give explanations

as we sometimes do among those who do not home school. 

We openly accept homeschool students in grades K-12.

For more information:

please contact email us:

or look for us on facebook:

Seymour Johnson Christian Home Educators  

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